Developing Characters for Story Idea Formation~A Fiction Writing Workshop:

Thinking Outside the Box to Create Great Characters and Plots

Really knowing a story’s main character is a great aid in creating a story. In this workshop, pencil-guy-5-colorkids learn how knowing a few key points about their character makes it easy to create a story arc with a beginning, middle (conflict) and end (resolution).  Not only will we stretch our creative muscles, but we’ll create some fun and unexpected stories too! This is a multi-age program for 50 students. Please match younger students with older ones to form writing “teams.” Each team will come up with the ideas to create a fictional character, as well as a conflict to write about. Then, as a team, they will create a fun (and usually funny!) story.  Supplies needed are writing paper, clipboard, pencils, and a worksheet which I will send you.  45-60 minutes


Supplies needed:

  • Writing Paper
  • Pencils
  • Pre-writing sheet, available here:
  • A desk, clipboard, or hard book to write against
  • Wipe board, if available (helpful, but optional)