Linda’s Assemblies

A Writer/Illustrator’s Life:

In this assembly, I discuss the fun, exciting, and downright frustrating parts of life as a writer. I emphasize the importance of persistence in reaching a goal, and how accepting constructive criticism and being willing to rewrite work is key to success. Students see manuscripts in progress, along with editorial notes. I also share my journey into the world of illustration. I show them how an illustration, like a manuscript, goes through revisions to the final piece. Students will also get a sneak peak at yet to be released books, and will have time for questions and answers. For grades k-2, I deal more with the need for beginnings, middles, and ends. For grades 3 and up, my assembly focuses more on revision.

60 minutes.

For assemblies,  I need:

  • a projector for my PowerPoint presentation
  • a long table for my “props”
  • a microphone
  • a bottle of water