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crouching cat yellow stripes blogI love to meet  authors-to-be. I feel  a kinship to these folks–those people who carry that “crazy idea” around inside of them. That hope. That dream. That longing and little voice that whispers, “I want to write a book.”


I have been doing critiques for 20 years, and am still making time for them, though I’m currently limiting myself to picture book critiques only.


Full Picture Book Manuscript Critique

A wide-overview of your manuscript—what’s working well, and what needs more attention. Expect line-by-line feedback in tracked changes with explanations for my suggestions and when appropriate, alternative possibilities. I’ll add a paragraph or two if I have other thoughts that don’t fit well into the tracked changes section.–things that address markets, formatting, and publishers that come to mind when I read your manuscript.

Revision Critique

Already had a full critique from me? This is a full manuscript critique for that revision.

Pitch Development/Critique

Need a pitch for a Twitter event? It’s often easier for someone with more distance to write this than the author who is “in the weeds.” Send me your PB manuscript and I’ll get to work!

Before you submit:

  • Picture book manuscripts must be 700 words or less for fiction, or 1000 words or less for Informational fiction or nonfiction. Manuscripts should be complete to the best of your ability (no rough drafts), sent in Word so I can send notes back in tracked changes.

  • Critiques will be completed as soon as possible–I can give you an estimate on when, when we talk.

  • Feel free to send me your rhyme, however, if you need extensive feedback on meter, consider finding a trained poet.

  • Payment is preferred via PayPal, previous to submission.

  • Send me a note on my contact page, and I’ll get back with you! Please write Critique Request in the subject line.

Here are some endorsements:

Eagle-eyed Linda Stanek astounds me with her editing skills, routinely catching errors in my work and proposing more efficient sentence-structure moves.
– Jenny Patton, Professional Writing instructor at The Ohio State University, proofreader, reporter and copywriter
Whether I’m in need of a broad perspective to solve a plot or character problem or a laser-focused perspective to assure age-appropriateness and clarity, Linda is my go-to editorial resource. Her education background, her experience working with kids in and out of the classroom, and her own writing career give her the tools and insight to identify and fill holes and smooth rough edges in a manuscript.
-Jen Funk Weber, author

Linda Stanek is a true find. Not only does she offer a top-notch editorial service (never hurts to have an extra set of eyes watching out for grammar and punctuation mistakes), but she also offers creative input, which makes a story stronger.

-Christine Pollock, writer and editor

Linda’s keen eye for detail and insight into plot structure will help any author’s story reach its brightest and fullest potential.

-Dale Ibitz, YA author