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I love brain science! This article makes a lot of interesting points – a worthy read.

…researchers identified 22 recurring personality traits in creative people. Of these 22 personality traits, 16 are considered positive, such as independent, energetic, curious, risk-taking, emotional, and artistic. The remaining six traits are considered negative, and include such terms as impulsive, hyperactive, and argumentative.
Honestly, something I’ve come to wonder is this: Could it be that attention spans are just a normal variable in humans–no more a disability than someone who is short rather than someone who is tall? Or someone who is fair-skinned rather than someone with more pigment in their skin? It’s obvious that a child with a short attention span and the need to move more than others is a difficult child for a teacher in a traditional classroom, but I don’t believe that that necessarily makes it a disability. Just my thoughts on that, but it does lead me to this part of the article:
β€œIn the school setting, the challenge becomes how to create an environment in which creativity is emphasized as a pathway to learning as well as an outcome of learning.”
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